The ERP solution that fits your company's needs.


Cloud Based

All our software solutions are web based, thus accessible from anywhere in the world at any time of the day.


Our software is multilingual and currently available in English, Malay and German with Chinese and Indonesian coming soon.


Our software is fully scalable and can be scaled up to accommodate your extra needs as your organization expands.


Our software can be fully customized to suit every client’s specific needs and requirements.

Interface Design

Thanks to the software’s user friendly design, implementation as well as daily use has now become even easier.

Source Code

We have developed every single part of our software in house using only our own source code.

Flexible Interface

E2 can be integrated with any pre-existing software to ensure a seamless workflow within the organization.

Local Support

We want to ensure customer satisfaction at all times and provide reliable on the grounds local support.


“Prior to having a good Customer Relationship Management (ERP) system, it could take up to several months to convert a lead into a contact and therefore a paying client. By implementing E² CRM module we were able to increase our sales revenue visibly since implementation while decreasing our sales activity follow up communication time by two weeks.”

- Isabella Marianova, CEO of AxerGroup

“We chose E2 ERP Solution based on its flexibility, customizability and favourable cost/benefit analysis in comparison to other ERP software that we evaluated. Nuara Group’s local customer support was also a key deciding factor for us choosing E²”

- James Gan, Managing Director of PH Borneo